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есть новые сообщения  Время:   02.02.10 11:54
sAND Как пишет мадам Менсон, группа недавно провела примерн неделю в студии... Оригинал сообщения из facebook - ниже:

Latest post from Shirley Manson

Butch won his first GRAMMY tonight!!!
So happy for him.
Told you it was going to be a good year.
Didn`t I tell you that?!?!?!?!
Love love love that the Kings of Leon had a field day at the awards too because they are just delicious through and through.
And didn`t you love Lady Ga Ga`s dress of spun sugar?!? So dreamlike and fantastical. I want it.
Felt sad the Silversun Pickups didn`t win in their category but lord.....look how long it took for poor Neil Young to win one.
But let me commend my darling Beyonce who absolutely raped and pillaged throughout the night like the beast she is.........
When she told Jay Z.........only the hottest man in the universe....... that she loved him.....
well it kind of made my heart pop.
She is the ONLY true POP star I have ever loved.
Usually I gravitate towards the more rebellious you know.
But there`s something about her that makes me believe in her.
She`s authentic and honest and true.
Let`s face it.
She`s yummy through and through.

Talking of rebellious girls .....I went to hear Patti Smith read from her new book at Skyline Books in Los Feliz over the weekend. She was as inspiring as ever. Mesmerizing even.
And funny too which I didn`t expect.

I am such a nerd fan that I had gotten out of my bed early a few sundays ago to pick up my tickets for the upcoming reading and being that I am such an uncool and eager nerd, I was the very first person to arrive so I snagged the tickets numbered 1 and 2!!!! So when it came to the part of the evening when Patti signed our books, my girlfriend and I were first in line.

As we walked towards the desk behind which Patti was sitting I thought about what I would say to her. I thought how I would try to be as cool as I could ever hope to be.

"Hey Patti. How`s it going?" I could have said, nonchalantly.
Or perhaps I could have just nodded at her the way men who play sport or make records for a living nod at each other in greeting.
You know....that sort of tiny upward jut of the chin.......barely perceptible.........
Maybe she would just recognize me immediately and I wouldn`t have to say anything.
I fantasized that maybe she would just rise up wordlessly to give me a hug.
I felt a little flutter of nervousness as I walked up to the desk.
Here we go. Here we go.
And then...........
She didn`t look up.
I held out my book so be signed.
She took it from my slightly trembling hands.
I could feel I was making myself as small as possible.
I didn`t say a word.
She signed her name and handed me the book back without looking up.
I shuffled off.
Full of the same awe I had the first time I listened to Horses.
And full of the same wonder at WHAT A FUCKING NERD I AM!!!
I didn`t say ANYTHING.
Not a word.
Not a hi.
Not a thankyou.
What a loser.

on a final note
Guess who I just spent a week in the studio with?
Would you be pleased if I said one of them was called Steve and one of them was called Duke and another was a grammy winning producer?

Who loves ya?

есть новые сообщения  Время:   03.02.10 17:08
sAND а NME уже успел придумать новость
есть новые сообщения  Время:   03.02.10 17:13
stealthy Любят они из пальца новости высасывать, негодяи. Личный альбом тоже уже "скоро выйдет" раз пятнадцать муссировали. Подожжем, позырим, как говорится.
есть новые сообщения  Время:   05.02.10 12:08
есть новые сообщения  Время:   05.05.10 22:22
Wrex Ну, то что Ширли вместе с участниками группы провели неделю в студии это еще ни о чем не говорит, а предполагать и новости придумывать на пустом месте любой может. В общем ждем официального подтверждения работы над новым альбом.

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